The Greek Fantasy Society was founded in 2014 as a non-profit association and is officially recognized as such by Greek law. Its purpose and aim is the propagation and cultivation of the Fantasy genre in Greece in all its forms (literature, music, cinema, etc.), as well as the promotion of similar Greek products both in Greece and abroad. The Society has a specific structure which assures its smooth operation. Its members are well known and long standing members of the Greek Fantasy Community (authors, publishers, artists, etc.), who work voluntarily and actively in order to accomplish its aims.

Board of Directors of the Greek Fantasy Society

Kostas Kotsias


Athanasios Tsiakmakis


Aggelos Fountas

Vice president

Antonis Georgopoulos


Konstantinos Tsiakmakis


Αναλυτικότερα οι δράσεις του συλλόγου περιλαμβάνουν μεταξύ άλλων

The organization, co-organization and support of cultural events, such as discussions, conferences, exhibitions, film presentations, congresses and festivals of appropriate fantasy content, with the intent of making them a permanent institution in the cultural happenings of our country.

The coordination of and the cooperation with all individual associations and groups that work towards the development and promotion of the Fantasy genre in Greece.

The collection of books, magazines, art work and objects related to Fantasy, in order to create collections pertaining to the subject.

The contact, cooperation and intervention towards public or private institutions, both locally and abroad, that could help in the promotion of Fantasy.

The collection, recording and processing of all data necessary in order to create informational, chronological and historical records and archives of the Fantasy genre in Greece.

The representation of Greece in equivalent foreign organizations or similar events of local or international scope, in order to strengthen the presence of our country in the international Fantasy scene and promote the production of Greek events.

The establishment of Awards and the organization of Contests, in order to enhance Greek creative and artistic production.

The organization, production and circulation of special publications that will compliment and complete the existing fantasy genre publishing activity in Greece.